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2" Dekton CNC Core Bit

2 Inch Dekton CNC Core Bit

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2" Weramic CNC Dekton Core Bit

The 2" Weramic CNC Core Bit is a high quality, thin wall, CNC core bit that offers DEKTON® fabricators running CNC machines a core bit designed to work with ultra compact surfaces. This 2" CNC bit works on more than just DEKTON®, which is among the materials for which this diamond core bit was made.

The line of Weramic CNC Core Bits works with a variety of machines including:

  • Northwood
  • Breton
  • Park Industries

Why CNC Core Bit Selection Matters

Fabricating Dekton surfaces means getting everything just right. For that task, you want a 2" CNC bit that cores smoothly without chips around the holes. Additionally, it doesn't matter what thickness of Dekton you are coring, you want it to come out smooth and chip-free. The Weramic CNC Core bits are made just for that purpose. The Weramic CNC bits will core any of the following Dekton materials:

  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 20mm
  • 30mm

Why Thin Core Bit Walls?

The Weramic CNC bits are designed with thin walls. In fact, they have only a 2mm thick rim. As a result, these thin wall core bits drill cleanly through materials like Dekton and others.

A High Quality DEKTON® CNC Core Bit

The Weramic 2" CNC Core Bit for Dekton is among the highest quality CNC core bits listed in the Tools Technical Data Sheet from Cosentino for use on DEKTON® surfaces.

Core Bit Specifics

  • Total Length: 3 78" (100mm)
  • Drill Depth: 1 78"
  • Thread: 12 Gas Male CNC
  • Recommended RPM: 1400-2800
  • Feed Rate: 3"-4" per minute

Weramic Available Sizes

The Weramic 1⁄2 Gas CNC Core Bit line of Dekton core bits are available in the following sizes:

  • 1" Weramic CNC Dekton Bit
  • 1 1⁄4" Weramic CNC Dekton Bit
  • 1 3⁄8" Weramic CNC Dekton Bit
  • 1 1⁄2" Weramic CNC Dekton Bit
  • 2" Weramic CNC Dekton Bit
  • 2 1⁄2" Weramic CNC Dekton Bit
  • 3" Weramic CNC Dekton Bit

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