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1448 N. Dearing Avenue
Fresno, CA 93703
Phone: (559) 252-3708
Kustom Kitchens

Kustom Kitchens

Kustom Kitchens is listed on the DEKTON® website as a contact through which you may choose a surface.

This business is a family owned and operated establishment that has been family owned and operated as such since 1965. With a team of staff members that are experienced and willing to make your kitchen project a success, Kustom Kitchens offer a variety of services to help your project be the best it can be.

Notice the following quote from the Kustom Kitchens website:

Today, Kustom Kitchens employs a team of dedicated and experienced staff, ready to make your next kitchen project a success.

Kustom Kitchens provides the following:

  • Indoor
    • Kitchen
    • Fireplaces
    • Laundry
    • Plumbing
  • Outdoor
    • Kitchens
    • Cabinetry
    • Heating

If you are looking for a DEKTON® kitchen and are in the Fresno area, Kustom Kitchens is one of the providers of DEKTON® surfaces and is capable of handling your entire kitchen design or remodel. The experienced team offers a deep knowledge of the products they sell and this will help you to receive the best recommendation possible.

If you are simply looking for the lowest price, you might find that Kustom Kitchens may not win your bid. However, the company prides itself on providing a great customer experience and providing its customers with the kitchens of their dreams.

How to Reach Kustom Kitchens

The contact Information for Kustom Kitchens can be found in the upper right corner of this page. For more information about DEKTON®, reach out to them via the contact information there.

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