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Natura Natural XGloss Collection Slab

Installing DEKTON® Natura

Fabrication professionals that are interested in adding Natura by DEKTON® to the list of materials for which they provide services should to be aware of some basic guidelines for working with this material. In this article, we will cover some basic guidelines for installing the Natura from the Natural XGloss Collection.

Among the guidelines for installing materials offered by Cosentino from the Natural XGloss Collection, you will find approved products including tools blades and core bits. Additionally, the company recommends specific adhesives for gluing Natura surfaces. Let's look at some of these tools and glues now.

Use Design Styles

Natura can be used in variety of design styles. The functionality makes it great for many design styles and the color itself qualifies it for use in others. Let's take a brief look at how Natura can be used in some popular design styles.

Contemporary Style Design

This type of design style makes use of brown tones and taupes to reach a specific look and feel. Other colors incorporated into a contemporary style design include white and cream colors. Natura's white color qualifies it for entry into the contemporary design style realm of interior decorating. It can be found on Houzz.com as examples of work by various designers using DEKTON®.

Scandinavian Design

When talking about the "scandi" design style, particular features come up. One of the big ones is the minimalistic approach. The simple, clean presentation is accomplished by leaving out the extras, which is often times viewed as "clutter". Simplistic lines and cleanliness tend to be the focus of this style. Yes, the Scandinavian style of design is one that exudes an airy, bright feel in a simple way.

Since Natura has many of the features mentioned above, it is easy to see why it makes a wonderful choice for use in a Scandinavian design. Its bright nature and clean look make it a great fit for the "scandi" style design.

DEKTON® Natura Care Products

Since Natura is DEKTON®, it is extremely easy to care for and maintain. In fact, DEKTON® surfaces are very resistant to many substances that would stain, discolor, or even deteriorate other stone products.

Natural stone is porous and must be sealed. However Natura in the Natural XGloss Collection by Cosentino needs no sealing.

On the other hand, quartz material and engineered stone surfaces can be damaged by using improper chemicals for cleaning. Resins in quartz surfaces must be treated with specific cleaners in order to prevent harming the resins in the quartz.

DEKTON® Natura though, is not as susceptible to damage, staining, or discoloration. In fact, Natura s even more heat resistant and scratch resistant than natural and engineered stone like quartz.

Virtually all kinds of cleaners can be used on Natura. However, it is more effective if a cleaner designed to remove the specific type of material is used. Knowing what kinds of cleaner to use on DEKTON® is very important. Lustro Italiano has a nice breakdown of which kinds of cleaners are best for specific types of discoloration on DEKTON® surfaces. This includes Natura as well as any other Natural XGloss Collection surfaces.

Proper Tooling for Natura

Heat damage and scratching are not something that worries owners of DEKTON® surfaces. This is because it is such a durable material. Hot pads and cutting boards are not needed for Natura. Cosentino has approved tools for installing and fabricating Dekton materials like Natura.

Approved diamond bits for DEKTON® are available and are specifically designed to work with Natura in the Natural XGloss Collection. Whether you are using CNC bits for machines to core Natura or if you are in need of a dry diamond coring bit for DEKTON®, it is best if you use one of the tools approved by Cosentino for DEKTON® use.

Diamond blades are also a key piece of the picture when it comes to fabricating DEKTON® surfaces. Bridge saw blades for DEKTON® and small DEKTON® diamond blades. Approved blades have demonstrated the quality level necessary for fabricating DEKTON®

Approved Adhesive for Gluing Natura

Gluing Natura requires a reliable adhesive that can be used in the same environments that Natura DEKTON® can be used. Since the material can be used indoors and outdoors, in sunlight and in a wide range of temperatures, the adhesive you use needs to be of equal quality. Mastidek is a high quality glue for installing Natura countertops. It is UV stable and strong enough for structural use. This DEKTON® approved glue is designed for use with Natura.

There is no need to search high and low for tools to test for compatibility with Natura. Many of the approved tools are available right here on this website. If you would like more information or have a question about a tool, contact us for more information.