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8207 South Priest Drive
Maricopa, AZ 85284
Phone: (480) 763-9400

Phoenix Center

Phoenix Center is listed on the DEKTON® website as a contact through which you may choose a surface.

The Phoenix Center is one of the Cosentino Centers that are available throughout the United States. The Cosentino Group is a global, family-owned company producing and distributing innovative surfaces for the world of design and architecture.

Cosentino is responsible for pioneering leading brands in their respective segments. One such brand is DEKTON®. DEKTON® is a technologically advanced surface for creating spaces and unique designs for the home and public areas. The Phoenix Center offers services to assist you with the projects you may need performed.

Cosentino Group currently distributes its products and brands to more than 80 countries, directly controlling and managing its facilities in over 20 countries from its headquarters in Almería, (Spain), and owns more than 20 of these facilities.

If you have a project that calls for a high quality surface and DEKTON is your choice, you may want to consider contacting the Phoenix Center.

How to Reach Phoenix Center

The contact Information for Phoenix Center can be found in the upper right corner of this page. For more information about DEKTON®, reach out to them via the contact information there.

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