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DEKTON® Approved Diamond Blades

If you are looking for diamond blades that rank highly among the diamond tools approved for use on DEKTON®, you will find them here. These diamond blades are among the those approved by Cosentino for use with the DEKTON® Ultra-Compact surfaces. Here you will find small manual cutting blades and bridge saw blades that are designed to cut hard materials like DEKTON® cleanly.

The bridge saw blades are the Tenax 14 inch and 16" diamond bridge saw blades and the small DEKTON® blades for cutting with hand tools are the Weha 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, and 7 inch R-mesh turbo blades.

These DEKTON® blades are quality diamond blades that you will no doubt find to be great for making clean cuts on DEKTON® surfaces.

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