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Adhesives for Gluing DEKTON® Surfaces

These products are designed specifically for gluing DEKTON® surfaces. Mastidek is glue for DEKTON® that is formulated for both indoor & outdoor use. The adhesives are color matched to coordinate with the various Cosentino colors and the cartridges are designed for use with the universal cartridge glue system from Tenax.

Universal Cartridge System

Universal Cartridge Glue System

Why Mastidek is the Best Glue for DEKTON®

Each glue color is made to be complimentary of one or more surface colors. Since the glue is matched to the stone it allows for creating seams that are not noticeable. The glue is a bi-component resin that does not yellow when exposed to UV rays. This means that Mastidek is compatible with outdoor use as well as indoor use.

Mastidek is Cosentino approved for bonding DEKTON® and is of the highest quality. It can be used in wide temperature ranges and is formulated specifically for the DEKTON® surfaces.

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