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Dekton Dry Cut Blades

Dry Cut blades for cutting DEKTON® must be constructed with specific parameters in mind. Since Ultra-Compact material is so hard, blades must be designed for cutting straight and accurate. They also must cut the material with minimal chipping. This provides a cleaner finish on the surface being cut.

For great performance on DEKTON® surfaces, Tenax has designed two bridge saw blades specifically to cut DEKTON® materials. Available in 2 sizes, the Tenax Dry Cut Blades for DEKTON® provide a great cutting performance.

Why Choose Approved Blades for DEKTON®?

These diamond dry cut blades are approved by Cosentino for working DEKTON® surfaces. If you are fabricating sintered stone, these blades have the properties to make it perform well for cutting this hard material. Furthermore, tests show that these blades cut with tremendous quality at high speeds.

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