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DEKTON® Flooring Products

One of the prolific applications of DEKTON® is flooring. DEKTON® is a material that can hold up under a variety of uses. As such, foot traffic is not detrimental to is appearance or durability. However, when working with the material, it is important to keep in mind some basic points. Here, we will take a look at some of the specifics of DEKTON® flooring and what tools to use for fabricating it.

DEKTON® flooring is available in multiple sizes and thicknesses. Since it is used for a number of applications and for projects of varying size and scope, you might expect that this would be the case.

If you are just looking for information about approved tools and glue for working with DEKTON®, you may want to go directly to that section of the page by clicking here. However, we will first take a look at some of the sizes that are available in DEKTON® flooring.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an extensive explanation of all of the ins and outs of DEKTON®, you can check out this documentation.

DEKTON® Floor Panel Sizes

When fabricating DEKTON® flooring, one of the things you may be interested in is the sizing options. Having a variety of choices is important because the design and layout may work better with a certain size of panel. Therefore, DEKTON® is available in an array of sizes and thicknesses.

Thus, fabricators work with the size that best suits the project they are working on.

Here are the sizing options available for DEKTON® flooring panels:

  • 28"x28"
  • 56"x56"
  • 56"x28"
  • 62"x28"
  • 41"x28"
  • 56"x41"
  • 56"x62"
  • 56"x31"

DEKTON® Flooring Colors

Color choices are abundant as well. With an ever growing selection of colors available, you are sure to be working with a number of color options in your fabrication projects. Because of this, we have created a page showing each of the DEKTON® colors for your reference.

Approved DEKTON® Flooring Products

As we previously mentioned, when working with DEKTON® materials, having the best products to do the fabrication plays an important role in the quality of the work done. It also contributes to the performance of the surfaces installed.

Because DEKTON® is a material that is not like other common hard surfaces, techniques qand products that are commonly used for installing natural and engineered stone are not the best products to use for fabricating and installing it. Therefore, Cosentino has selected to approve specific products that meet the necessary criteria. Here we will look at some of the products that are DEKTON® approved for bonding and cutting DEKTON® flooring panels.

Diamond Blades for Cutting DEKTON®

Not all blades are created equal. In fact, one blade might perform outstanding on natural stones like granite and quartzite. But that same blade might not work as well on other stone like marble or limestone.

The opposite is true as well. Blades that are design for softer stones like marble and limestone generally do not work as well on harder stones.

In a similar way, DEKTON® blades need to be designed specifically to work well with this material. Because of this, Cosentino approves certain tools and adhesives as compatible with its DEKTON® flooring.

DEKTON® Bridge Saw Blade

The Tenax DEKTON® bridge saw blade is marketed specifically for DEKTON® fabricators and installers. This blade is designed to produce excellent results while cutting sintered stone surfaces and cuts DEKTON® very well when used with the recommended parameters and saw settings.

The DEKTON® bridge saw blade is available in the following sizes:

For more information, feel free to contact us. We would be ahppy to answer any questions you may have.


When working with DEKTON®, stone fabrication professionals, structural engineers, and architects trust that the adhesives used will qualify to hold up for the material. Since DEKTON® is found both inside and outside, it is important to have a glue that is performant in both indoor and outdoor applications. Mastidek is such a glue. Below is a list of the Mastidek colors. For more information about each, simply visit the Mastidek colors for DEKTON® area.

  • Aged Timber*
  • Aldem*
  • Ananke***
  • Arga**
  • Ariane***
  • Aura**
  • Aura 15**
  • Bedrock*
  • Bento***
  • Bergen*
  • Blanc Concrete**
  • Blaze**
  • Borea***
  • Danae*
  • Domoos*
  • Edora**
  • Entzo**
  • Fiord*
  • Fossil*
  • Gada**
  • Galema*
  • Glacier**
  • Halo**
  • Irok***
  • Kadum*
  • Kairos**
  • Kelya*
  • Keon*
  • Keranium*
  • Kira**
  • Korso**
  • Korus*
  • Kreta**
  • Laos**
  • Lumina**
  • Lunar**
  • Makai**
  • Manhattan**
  • Milar**
  • Naone**
  • Natura 18**
  • Nayla**
  • Nilium**
  • Odin*
  • Olimpo**
  • Opera**
  • Orix**
  • Portum**
  • Qatar**
  • Radium**
  • Sand Drift*
  • Sarey**
  • Sirius**
  • Sirocco*
  • Sogne**
  • Soke**
  • Sterling**
  • Splendor**
  • Taga**
  • Trilium*
  • Tundra*
  • Vapour**
  • Vera**
  • Valterra*
  • Vegha*
  • Ventus*
  • Zenith*

As you can see, there are a number of colors when it comes to Mastidek adhesive. The colors above are representations of the DEKTON® surfaces. In reality, each color of Mastidek is formulated to work with one or more of the slabs of Cosentino DEKTON®. As a result, some colors are referred to as Primary Mastidek Colors and others are referred to as Secondary Mastidek Colors. These titles have been given the colors for ordering purposes and are not intended to indicate popularity or quality.

* This is what we refer to as a "primary color". This is not meant to convey popularity or quality level. It simply is used to identify the part number for that color.

** This is a mastidek color that ships under a part number that is assigned to what is referred to as a "secondary color". These colors are of the same quality as the primary colors. Additionally, this terminology does not indicate that these colors are less popular than others.

*** This is a Mastidek color that is for a DEKTON® color that is no longer in production. Since the slabs are still available in the market however, the color is available until a future time.