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Flooring Care & Maintenance

If you have selected or are planning on selecting DEKTON® for your flooring material, there are some basic practices that you will need to keep in mind for both the initial cleaning and the ongoing maintenance of the material. Depending on the location and the environment in which the flooring lives, various procedures may be required. For example, DEKTON® flooring can be installed indoors and outdoors. Also, the type of surface your particular has, will affect the cleaning process. Let's look the procedures for cleaning and maintaining your DEKTON® flooring.

Initial Cleaning

No matter how good the installers are, it is impossible to complete an install so cleanly that the flooring will not need to be given an initial cleaning. Therefore, after the install has been completed, there will be some sort of residue left on the surface of the material. Some of these include:

When this is the case, an initial cleaning is necessary to leave the surface in the best possible condition for everyday use. For this initial cleaning, simply use a cleaner that is designed for use on DEKTON® and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Everyday (Daily) Cleaning

Once the flooring has been given its initial cleaning, you will only need to perform regular daily cleaning. For the daily cleaning, you can use the following methods:

  1. Dry mop or a broom to remove dust that can accumulate from the air. If desired, you may use a conventional vacuum cleaner to remove dust as well.
  2. A wet mop using a neutral, soapy cleaning product. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for using the neutral cleaner on your DEKTON® surface.

Everyday Cleaning of Non-slip & DEKTON® Flooring and Paving

ATTENTION: If you have the Non-slip DEKTON® the cleaning should be done using a neutral soapy cleaning product using a cotton mop and not a microfiber mop. This cleaning should be done according to the cleaner manufacturer's instructions. Additionally, you may use pressurized water for cleaning the non-slip DEKTON® flooring.

Even though you clean your DEKTON® flooring regularly, you still may find that you need to perform some sort of stain removal. How can you do that?

Removing Stains

At times, you will find that you acquire a stubborn stain on your DEKTON® flooring. For these types of cleaning requirements, you will want to use a cleaning product that is appropriate for the kind of substance that is on the surface of your flooring. Here is table that lists the types of stains and the kind of cleaning product needed to remove it.

Type of Stain Cleaning Product
Liquids or Organic Residue Detergent, Grease Remover
Grease & Oil Degreaser
Rubber Degreaser
Resin, Putty, Silicone Residue, Dye
Cement Adhesive Traces Acid
Plaster Plaster Remover, Acid
Tar Degreaser
Nicotine Abrasive Cleaner, Solvent, Acetone
Rust Hydrochloric Acid

Floor Cleaning Equipment

Each type of DEKTON® flooring can be cleaned using specific equipment. The following table, enumerates the approved equipment by flooring type:

Recommended Cleaning Equipment
Equipment DEKTON Non-slip DEKTON Recommendations
Broom X Recommended for small areas. Non-metal bristles only.
Dry Mop X To improve performance, use slightly damp. Great for areas with large format DEKTON®
Microfibre Mop X DO not use on Non-slip DEKTON®. The mo can snag and leave fluff on the surface.
Cotton Mop X X For best results, change water after every 25m2 of floor surface. Suspended particles can settle back onto the surface that is being cleaned.
Pressurized Water X On wet, outdoor areas or those with heavy foot traffic, hot, pressurized water with or without neutral soap is recommended for cleaning non-slip surfaces.
Industrial Machinery X X Automatic, single-disc rotary-type machines with melamine discs for occasional cleaning are recommended.