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DEKTON® Fabrication Products

Fabrication products for working with and installing Cosentino Dekton materials can be found in this area of the website. Approved tooling for cutting, shaping, and coring Dekton surfaces is available along with Mastidek adhesive.

Dekton Tooling Products

Products for working with Dekton Ultra-Compact surfaces are not all created equally. That's why we have included approved Dekton tooling on the website. All of these tools meet with the approval of Cosentino; the makers of DEKTON®. In the website, you will find bits for coring Dekton and CNC core bits. These tools are designed for use with the material.

Bridge saw blades and turbo blades are also available here. These blades are approved by Cosentino as well. The 14" and 16" bridge saw blades as well as the Dekton turbo blades are approved tooling and offer great performance.

Mastidek Adhesive for Dekton

Besides the fabrication tooling for Dekton, the site also offers Dekton adhesives that are officially approved by Cosentino for use with DEKTON® surfaces. These Dekton glues are color matched with the DEKTON® colors for a clean install.

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