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Mastidek DEKTON® Glue Color Palette

As an approved adhesive for use with DEKTON®, Mastidek glue is available for all DEKTON® colors. Below is a list of the Mastidek colors that are used for flooring, siding, facades, countertops, and worktops. For more information about each color in the palette, simply click the Mastidek color name to learn more about that glue color.

As you can see, there are a number of colors when it comes to Mastidek adhesive. The colors above are representations of the DEKTON® surfaces. In reality, each color of Mastidek is formulated to work with one or more of the slabs of Cosentino DEKTON®. As a result, some colors are referred to as Primary Mastidek Colors and others are referred to as Secondary Mastidek Colors. These titles have been given the colors for ordering purposes and are not intended to indicate popularity or quality.

* This is what we refer to as a "primary color". This is not meant to convey popularity or quality level. It simply is used to identify the part number for that color.

** This is a mastidek color that ships under a part number that is assigned to what is referred to as a "secondary color". These colors are of the same quality as the primary colors. Additionally, this terminology does not indicate that these colors are less popular than the others.

*** This is a Mastidek color that is for a DEKTON® color that is no longer in production. However, the color might still be available.

**** This is a color that is relatively new and is to be released at a future time.