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Interesting Facts About DEKTON®

When compared with other materials used for interior or architectural design, DEKTON® is relatively new. This means that fabricators that are used to working with other materials like engineered stone like quartz or natural stone such as granite, marble, and other natural stone materials may like the idea of working with DEKTON® as well. As a result, it is good to know some facts about the DEKTON® ultracompact material. Here is convenient collection of facts about DEKTON® surfaces that you might be interested in if you are a fabricator or design professional thinking of offering this material to your customer base.

Composed of More Than 20 Minerals

DEKTON® is created by combining more than 20 minerals using innovation and creative new techniques. Two of these are ultracompaction and and syhtesization. The result is a class of material unlike traditional engineered stone or natural stone. This is viewed by many as an improved version of natural stone.

Changes Minerals Metamorphically

Some natural stone is formed through a process called metamorphisis. This takes many, many lifetimes as a natural process; thousands of years in many cases. DEKTON® is formed by means of an accelerated version of the metamorphic changes that natural stone undergoes.

Exclusive PST Technology

PST sinters particles in the material so that link up and change their internal structure. This technology completely synthesizes procedures from the most advanced technology industries.

Virtually Zero Porosity

DEKTON® surfaces have the characteristic of having virtually no porosity. The non-existence of microflaws that cause tension and weaknesses make DEKTON® a unique alternative to other materials used in design and architecture.

DEKTON® Is Versatile

The variety of thicknesses and sizes of DEKTON® mean that it can be used for a range of applications. The durability of the material and its light weight also contribute to the versatility of this material.

Durable Material Requires A Durable Adhesive

The durability of DEKTON® means that the best results are achieved with an adhesvie that can maintain its quality in the same environment as the material. Indoors and out, in the sunlight and in a variety of temeratures, Mastidek is a high quality glue designed for DEKTON®.

Safe for Outdoor Use

DEKTON® is used extensively for building cladding on a range of buildings. It's shape and color stability along with being warp-free make it perfect for this application.

Removing Limitations In Pool Design

Floors surrounding the pool can be integrated with the pool itself and even rounded eges and corners are possible with this unique material.

Use for Outdoor Kitchens

Since the weather, sunlight, and gaps between use periods can result in discolorations or stains on other materials. Not to mention the effects that snow or frost can have on traditional surfaces. DEKTON® stands out as the logical choice for outdoor kitchens and countertops.

Unlimited Application

The versatility and durability of DEKTON® make it a great option for creating a wide range of surfaces including:

  • Flooring
  • Stairs
  • Wall Panels
  • Bar Tops
  • Food Service Surfaces
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • More

Unique Material Requires A Specific Fabrication

Versatile materials like DEKTON® need fabrication professionals that are well-informed on how to work with this unique product.

Specially Designed Blades

Cutting this unique material will require a diamond blade made to cut it effectively. Although other blades will cut DEKTON®, Blades like the Tenax blade for DEKTON® are made to cut it without breaking it and leaving virtually no chips.