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Tenax has worked very closely with Cosentino to create the absolute best adhesive for Dekton material. Cosentino and Tenax work together to color match each and every color of Dekton to find the best color match Dekton glue.

Not only does Tenax focus on the best Dekton color match, but even more critical is the structural strength and integrity of the glue itself. The Tenax Mastidek cartridge glue has been specifically formulated for Dekton materials, whether it be 8mm, 12mm, 20mm, or 30mm materials.

Dekton is made to be UV resistant, fire and heat resistant, Ice and thaw resistant, and color stable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is only logical that the glue used to fabricate Dekton must likewise have the same characteristics as the Dekton itself.

Tenax Dekton Mastidek is UV stable and will not yellow in direct sun in both indoor and outdoor applications. Designed for outdoor use, Dekton Mastidek can be used in any outdoor application from very hot to extremely cold temperatures. And because it is UV stable, the color match colors will color match during fabrication and install and will remain color matched for many years to come.

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