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Surface Installation Information

Dekton come in the form of many projects. The material is versatile and durable. As a result, it can be used for many surfaces. For example, Dekton is used for facades, siding, flooring and countertops in a number of environments. Yet, each installation may differ a bit. Let's first briefly talk about some commonalities when it comes to ultracompact surface sheets. Then, we will consider some of the variations that may come up when installing Dekton for different purposes.

Commonalities When Installing Dekton

There are some basics that are consistent across the spectrum of surfaces when it comes to installing Dekton. Whether it is for flooring, siding, countertops, or facades, you will need tools designed for use on the surface you are installing. Any of the Dekton surfaces listed in the table below will utilize the same basic products that are needed for installation. Each color of Dekton is unique in its appearance and durable in construction. You can read about installing any of the Dekton colors and what kinds of tooling you might require by looking the install page for the colors below:

Dekton Tooling Information by Color and Collection

Dekton can be installed for a variety of purposes and there is a diverse color palette. Here is some tooling descriptions listed by collection:

Natural Collection
  • Kovik Installation
  • Sasea Installation
  • Vera Installation
  • Portum Installation
  • Fossil Installation
  • Kira Installation
  • Sand Drift Installation
  • Nayla Installation
  • Bedrock Installation
  • Sterling Installation
  • Opera Installation
  • Vapour Installation
  • Gada Installation
  • Aura15 Installation
  • Entzo Installation
  • Kelya Installation
  • Vegha Installation
  • Edora Installation
  • Kairos Installation
  • Sirocco Installation
  • Danae Installation
Natural XGloss Collection
Solid Collection
  • Galema Installation
  • Korus Installation
  • Ventus Installation
  • Sirius Installation
  • Domoos Installation
  • Zenith Installation
Solid XGloss Collection
Industrial Collection
  • Laos Installation
  • Soke Installation
  • Lunar Installation
  • Radium Installation
  • Orix Installation
  • Nilium Installation
  • Trilium Installation
Wild Collection
  • Odin Installation
  • Aged Timber Installation
  • Aldem Installation
  • Makai Installation
Tech Collection
  • Blanc Concrete Installation
  • Keon Installation
  • Keranium Installation
  • Strato Installation
Stonika XGloss Collection
  • Korso Installation
  • Sogne Installation
  • Taga Installation
  • Arga Installation
  • Bergen Installation
  • Olimpo Installation
Basiq XGloss Collection
  • Vienna Installation

Installing Various Size Sheets

Although Dekton is a durable and versatile material you will need to decide which size panels to use depending on the application. We will briefly look at some of the various uses for Dekton here and discuss some factors you may want to keep in mind for each.

Dekton Facade Installs

There are a number of features that make Dekton a great choice for facades. One such factor is the availability of large format panels. These panels can be installed in the following formats:

Length x Width

  • 126" x 56" (320cm x 144cm)


  • .31" (8mm)
  • .47" (12mm)
  • .79" (20mm)

Installing Dekton for facades makes sense because of the properties of the material. There are a number of facade types that can be used including ventilated, bonded, and curtain wall. The panel thicknesses above are sized for these kinds of facade installations.

The flexural strength and excellent dimensional stability are among the qualities that make Dekton such a good material for facades and other applications. Additionally, the material is resistant to temperature change that results in freezing and thawing.

Siding Installations

Whether you are looking to install a covering for an indoor or outdoor environment, choosing Dekton as your siding material has some benefits. With multiple paneling systems from which to choose and properties that make Dekton ideal for siding installs, the possibilities are virtually endless. Selecting between simple, mixed, or dry paneling systems installation is achievable for many styles of design.

The sizing for the siding application is as follows:

Length x Width

  • 126" x 56" (320cm x 144cm)


  • .31" (8mm)
  • .47" (12mm)
  • .79" (20mm)

When using DEKTON® for siding installations it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the appropriate products for specific installation tasks. These recommendations are available from the DEKTON® website.

Installing Flooring

Like the other applications for DEKTON®, flooring installations can be performed using a variety of sizes and thicknesses for use as flooring panels. Whether it is used for stairs, floor surfaces, or wall panels, DEKTON® offers multiple size tiles to adapt to the style and taste for which you are designing. Here is a table of of panel sizes offered for flooring installations:

  • 28" x 28"
  • 56" x 56"
  • 56" x 28"
  • 62" x 28"
  • 41" x 28"
  • 56" x 41"
  • 56" x 62"
  • 56" x 31"

This variety of panel size means that you are able to creatively produce variety and variation in your surfaces.

Countertop Installations

When you select a countertop material for your home or a worktop for your commercial project, you want a material that is durable and elegant. DEKTON® surfaces offer the best of both these worlds. Knowing the strengths and potential weaknesses of various materials that are used for work surfaces like kitchen counter tops helps you make the decision. Why is DEKTON® such a good material for worktops or kitchen counters? Let look at some reasons.

One reason many choose to have DEKTON® installed as counter top surfaces is the color variety. The wide range of colors available means it can incorporated into virtually any design. But this is only one reason.

Another reason for choosing DEKTON® ultracompact surfaces is because it is extremely durable. This material is so resistant to scratching that you do not even need to use cutting boards to protect it. Now, you may want to use cutting boards to keep your knives from getting dull, but cutting on DEKTON® surfaces won't scratch the countertop. Additionally, DEKTON® counters have such high resistance to heat, you can place pots & pans directly on them right off the stove top. No trivets or hot pads are needed.

Finally, DEKTON® is chosen for some projects simply because of its ability to be used indoors and out. For example, DEKTON® surfaces can be used for outdoor kitchen surfaces in a variety of temperatures.

DEKTON® can be installed in so many areas and used in so many applications that many fabrication professionals are adding it to their material selection. If you would like to learn more about working with DEKTON®, you can get a good idea of what it involves by checking out our Working With DEKTON® page.