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Tools for Working With DEKTON®

When it comes to working with DEKTON®, there are similarities between it and other materials like granite, quartz and marble. For example, like other fabricated materials, DEKTON® needs to be cut, glued and cored. Yet, the tools used for working with DEKTON® must have some specific features. Depending on the functionality of the tool, it must be made to cut or bond ultracompact surfaces properly. In this article, we will consider some of the tools needed for working with DEKTON®. We will explore some specific tools and elaborate on why these tools are a good fit for working on DEKTON® materials.

DEKTON® Core Bits

Any kind of tooling that needs to cut through DEKTON® has to have certain features. For example, it needs to be clean cutting. Depending on what type of cut you are making and whether it will be visible once the project is complete will affect the degree of importance that is placed on the tool being considered.

In the case of core bits, when coring DEKTON® material, you want to make sure that your bit cuts clean and it doesn't hurt for it to be fast cutting too. When deciding on a good core bit for DEKTON® you want to consider the RPM ratings and the cutting environment in which the tool can be used. Some core bits can be used in both wet and dry. In the case of the Weramic core bits, the environment in which it can be used will depend on the material that is being cut. Thicknesses less than 6mm can be cut wet or dry and material that is thicker than 6mm are wet only. Again, be sure you research the specifications of the core bit before using it.

Bridge Saw Blades for DEKTON®

Just as other diamond tooling designed for cutting DEKTON® must be designed to work with the material, so it is with bridge saw blades. There are a number of diamond blades that will cut DEKTON® material. However, it is best if the blade you choose is designed specifically for the surface.

Even if you find the best blade for cutting DEKTON®, you want to be sure you use it in accordance with the instructions provided by the maker of the blade. Speed adjusting techniques recommended for entering and exiting the cut are some specifics you will notice when you research bridge saw blades for DEKTON® How you enter and exit the cut can determine your degree of success using DEKTON® blades on a bridge saw.

DEKTON® Cartridge System

We cannot forget about cartridge adhesives for DEKTON®. Having an approved adhesive for bonding your surfaces is important. Yet, the tool you use to dispense your DEKTON® glue can have a positive impact on the overall fabrication shop efficiency. How so?

Many fabrication shops work with more than one kind of material. For example, the same fab shop might fabricate and install granite, marble, quartzite, quartz and, sintered stone and other types of materials. Since materials can be bonded using various glue, some shops use a multipurpose adhesive and others use the best glue for whichever material they are working with on a given project. This may mean that a fabrication shop uses a variety of cartridge glue.

No doubt you are aware that glue cartridges come in a variety of mix ratios. You might have a 2:1 ratio for one type of glue, a 10:1 ratio for another type of glue, and yet a third mix ratio for a 4:1 cartridge. These variations in mix ratio mean that you have to use different glue guns for each of the different cartridges. That is, unless, you are using the universal cartridge system designed to work with multiple mix ratios and differing cartridge shapes.

The universal cartridge system makes your fabrication shop more efficient because you can use one fabrication tool for multiple glue cartridges. So, you have one glue gun that you can put various cartridges into depending on the material and cartridge glue you are working with.

As you can see, there may be many choices when it comes to selecting tools for working on DEKTON® and yet, the choice requires multiple considerations. Whether the DEKTON® tool is a diamond blade, a core bit, or a cartridge glue gun, making your decision on which one to use in your shop might just require a bit of research and planning.