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About Mastidek Adhesives

If you are familiar with the stone industry, you no doubt have heard of a variety of materials used for designing kitchens and other areas. One of the relatively new materials is called ultracompact surface. These materials are versatile and very durable. They can be used in various environments and conditions. One of the foremost of these is the DEKTON® surface. Mastidek is a high quality adhesive made for use on DEKTON®. Here we will delve into some information regarding Mastidek.

What is Mastidek?

This is the most natural question to ask if you are just looking into using Mastidek for your DEKTON® material. In fact you may be just beginning to research answers to the question, "What is DEKTON"?. If that is true in your case, it is worth looking into the information about DEKTON®.

Mastidek is a bi-component adhesive designed specifically for working with DEKTON®. This ultracompact glue is the result of a collaboration between Tenax and Cosentino. This high quality adhesive for Cosentino DEKTON® is formulated for use everywhere that the material can be installed. That is an important thing to keep in mind when you are selecting glue for your ultracompact project. There are a number of things that can go wrong with your install if you do not use the proper adhesive that will yield the best results. Let's look at why Mastidek is the best choice for your DEKTON® Ultracompact project.

Why Use Mastidek?

It's true, there are many adhesives available for gluing all sorts of material. In fact, there are adhesives you can buy that will work most materials. However, the caveat with taking that approach is that no adhesive works the best on every material. Furthermore, the likelihood that a good all around glue will be the best one for any significant amount of the materials it is used for is not very high. What is the solution?

Tenax makes a number of adhesives designed for a range of uses. In fact, Tenax makes glue formulated to bond multiple materials. Yet, they also make adhesives specifically designed to bond particular materials. One of these adhesives is Mastidek color match adhesive for DEKTON® surfaces. You may be wondering, "If there are so many options, why should I use Mastidek?" Let's explore the answer now.

Where the Material Is Installed

With a material like DEKTON®, you cannot tell where it will be installed. This is because DEKTON® is used for multiple applications. Therefore, the glue that is used on it needs to be as versatile as the material itself. Mastidek is designed to be used in a range of environments. Just notice the characteristics of this adhesive and think about the kinds of applications it could be used for.

Mastidek Characteristics
Indoor & Outdoor Use
Super Strong Adhesion
Color Matched
Excellent Penetration
UV Safe
Zero Yellowing
Won't Create Shadows Around Seams
Temperature Use After Hardening: -13°F - 140°F
DEKTON® Applications
Application Necessary Characteristics
Countertops Strength, Color Compatibility
Outdoor Kitchens UV Stable, Strength, Outdoor, Temperature Safe
Fireplaces Strength, Temperature Safe
Siding UV Stable, Strength, Indoor, Outdoor, Temperature Safe
Facades UV Stable, Outdoor, Temperature
Flooring Color Matched, UV Stable, Strength

Dispensing the Adhesive

Dispensing Mastidek requires that the two parts of the adhesive are mixed just right. In fact, getting the perfect mixture is vital for a strong, effective bond with strength, durability and long life. The sure way to get that perfect mix ratio is by using the universal cartridge system designed for use with multiple glue cartridges.

The Universal Cartridge System is a cartridge glue gun system designed to work with multiple adhesives that consist of different mix ratios. 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, and 10:1 glue cartridges are compatible with this multi-ratio glue gun system. The adapters for the frame and the plungers are easy to fasten. So changing the glue gun's mix ratio is fast and easy. One glue for multiple glue products. What about Mastidek?

Mastidek is a 2:1 mix ratio and the cartridge is designed to work with the Universal Cartridge System from Tenax. Simply clip on the frame adapter and attach both of the 2:1 plunger adapters to the plungers to convert the cartridge gun into a Mastidek cartridge glue dispenser. Easy and compatible with other adhesives you may already be using or could be using without the need for additional cartridge guns.

Color Matched DEKTON® Glue

As mentioned above, the Mastidek cartridge glue is specially designed for use on DEKTON® materials. That includes color matching to blend with the surfaces so that seams are invisible and miters are hidden well. Since Cosentino is perpetually improving and expanding the selection of DEKTON® colors, color status can change based on a surface's popularity. This means keeping up with the status of DEKTON® colors. Mastidek ultracompact glue is color matched for DEKTON® surfaces so your seams will be hidden and not detract from the quality of your work.

All of the reasons we have mentioned in this document are compeling reasons for choosing Mastidek as the number one choice for your DEKTON® bonding adhesive. If you have questions or would like to know more, contact us for more information.