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Tropical Design Style

To many people it may seem as though there are an inexhaustible nubmer of design opitions available when it comes to home interior decor. The Tropical design style is one of many decorating schemes that invoke specific feelings similar to those that are felt when visiting the oceanic, tropical, or islandic areas of the globe. In this article, we will consider what goes into creating a tropical design style interior. We will also go over some of the elements and features that define what a tropical interior should look and feel like.

Want to Get Away?

That's right! Getting away in the comfort of your own residence is possible if you choose to design the space using the tropical style interior design elements mentioned here. Creativity need not suffer and can even flourish with a little concentration and follow through. The idea of living in the tropics is appealing to many people and when these are in a tropical feeling environment, it reminds them of comfort, relaxation, and calm days with water nearby and a soothing breeze passing through the area. But how can you design a space to capture this look and feel?

How to Create A Tropical Style Interior Design

Achieving an environment that exudes the feelings associated with the beach, an island, or the ocean is not complicated. In fact, it is actually rather simple and is within the reach of anyone that is familiar with those environments. So how is it accomplished?

To create a tropical style interior design, one simply has to take the time to think of what is associated with the tropics. So, what comes to mind when you think of the tropics? Do you have images of sand flowing through your mind? How about that aqua color that is associated with the ocean? Lush greenery anyone? You get the idea. The elements that make a tropical environment in the outdoors can simply be brought into your indoor space to create this unique and desirable design.

Colors of the Tropics

When you think of tropical colors, you probably, like most people, think of the following colors just to name a few:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Turquois
  • Aqua
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange

You won't use all of those colors to the same degree in one interior design. But, those colors work together in various arrangements to reproduce the naturally occurring environment from which they are taken. Just a touch, or use them much. Either way, you can create a tropical feel.

Tropical Shapes, Elements and Patterns

Putting together a tropical design style not only takes a careful selection of color combinations, but it also involves making use of some very important shapes, patterns, and elements in the design. Let's look at what some of these include.

Shapes of the Tropics

There are a number of basic shapes that bring to mind tropical environments. It is possible to provide a hint of the tropics in your design by simply including a shape that traces one commonly found in tropical environments. For example, rather than choosing a large rectangular area rug (although there would be nothing wrong with that choice), would a circular ara rug make the room feel more like you are in the presence of the sun? You get the idea. Shapes alone can carry the tropical thought. But there are other facets to consider as well.

Tropical Patterns

Another simple design choice that contributes to the overall feel of a design bei;ng one of a tropical nature is one of patterrns. Patterns are available on all sorts of surfaces. Rugs, artwork, wallpaper, and upholstery are all examples of items that are used for design that often times have patterns on them. Patterns can be very defined such as a wallpaper that has a leave that repeats over the entire surface. Or, the pattern could be abstract and more subtle. For example, a rippled textured section on an otherwise flat surface resembles sand dunes or a wavy ocean surface. However you choose to use texture and patterns is up to you, but you can see how easily patterns can be incorporated into your tropical design style.

Tropical Elements

The last type of design choice that we will examine here briefly is using elements in your design. You may be thinking, "Wait! You just covered elements!" In a sense, that is true. But when we use the term elements in this article, we are talking about actual items brought in from a tropical enivronment. An example of this would be sand dollars. Another one, would be seashells. And a third one would be palm leaves in a vase on a table. So by elements, we mean items that are much more than just shapes and patterns. The even go beyond texture! They are the actual tangible item from the tropical environment.

As you can see from what we have discussed in this article, building a tropical interior design scheme is not complicated, or even hard to do. It just takes a bit of decision making while following some basic guidelines and principles. How you choose to put your design together is entirely up to you.