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Durability of DEKTON® With Marble's Beauty

It is no surprise to many that marble is one of the most elegant natural stone surfaces that one can have for the hard surfaces in a home, or any design project for that matter. It's distinctive appearance and appealing colors have made natural marble one of the prominent stones throughout history. Now there is another DEKTON® color that is inspired by the calacatta and carrara varieties of marble. So now designers can have the durability of DEKTON® with marble's beauty. In this article, we will explore some of the design styles that Aura15 works well with.

Comparing Calacatta & Carrara

Before we begin looking at Aura15 in popular design styles we want to briefly explain a difference between the two marbles this DEKTON® surface was inspired by. Calacatta and carrara marbles are sometimes misidentified but they are two distinct materials. We won't go into the details behind where these marbles are quarried and the processes and criteria that differentiate them form one another. We will stick to how they differ visually isnce that is really the key aspect that we are concerned with.

Visual Differences

Calacatta and carrara marble ar both white marble with an alternative color of veining, So, it is easy to see why they get mistaken for one another. however, there are a couple of key visual differences. First, the lightness of the white. Or, the "brightness", if you will of these marbles is slightly different. Carrara tends to be not as white as calacatta. This creates less of a contrast between the white and the color of the veins. Second, calacatta's veining color is typically darker and bolder in appearnce than those in carrara. So the overall appearance of calacatta is a sharper, bolder look than that of carrara.


One look at Aura15 and you can see why we said the inspiration for it cmae from both of these materials. Aura15 is a blend of the visual elements that make these marble materials so appealing to many. Aura15 has some boldness. But it also features the soft elegance that is appealing to carrara lovers. Yet, the biggest win for those that choose Aura15 is its durability.

Aura15 in Popular Designs

It's true that certain designs incorporate specific kinds of material more easily than they do other materials. However, some materials are diverse, or versatile, and they "play nicely" with nearly every design style. That is the case with DEKTON® Aura15. Because of its characteristics, this color of DEKTON® can be used in so many of the design styles that it has become a very popular choice from the colors that are available. Aura15 is compatible with a long list of the design styles on this website including:

  • Minimalist
  • Eclectic
  • Midcentury
  • Scandinavian
  • Rustic
  • Traditional

Let's take a brief look at Aura15 in some design styles that you may not have ever expected them to fit with.

Aura15 in Minimalist Design

The first design style we will look at is the Minimalist style. The key characteristics of the minimalist style is that it is simple in nature. Another main element of this design style is that it is functional. And finally, it often makes use of geometric shapes to enhance the feel. Below we have a couple of examples from Houzz.com to show a ocuple of examples of minimalist deisgn making use of Aura15.

Scandinavian Design & Aura15

Aura15 is such a versatile material visually that it can be used in scandinavian design styles too. Scandinavian design calls for lots of light and a clean lookand feel. It is also a regional design style and is focused. Below, you can see a couple of examples of AUra15 being used in a scandinavian design style. As you can see, it works rather nicely.

Versatile Materials Need Versatile Adhesives

As versatile as Aura15 is when it comes to design styles, your project can still end up on the south end of fabulous if you don't take the time to find an adhesive that is formulated to hold up to the environment of the surface. Mastidek is the best choice of glue for Aura15 Dekton. It is made for indoor or outdoor use and can hold up to the environments that the material itself can withstand; which is a very diverse range of environments.

As we have seen in this article, Aura15 is a popular DEKTON® color for a number of reasons. However, one of the biggest reasons is that it is compatible with a variety of deisgn styles. Its durability makes it a great choice and knowing that it can be incorporated into one of many style options just adds to its appeal.

If you haven't already made DEKTON® Aura15 part of your go to surfaces for design and decor, why not look into it. If you choose to use it, you will no doubt find there are great reasons to feature it.