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Olimpo DEKTON® Incorporated Into Design Styles

DEKTON® by Cosentino offers the Stonika series of Ultracompact surface products for admirers of natural stone. Each of the surfaces in the Stonika series has been inspired by a natural stone. One such surface is Olimpo. Olimpo was inspired by carrara marble and is meant for use in a variety ways. In this article we are going to look at what makes carrara marble so versatile and we will see how that applies to Olimpo as well.

Olimpo Works With Many Design Styles

Many design styles make good use of carrara marble, and Olimpo for that matter. Because it is so versatile in its appearance, natural carrara marble can be incorporated into a number of design styles. It is easy to find ways to use carrara marble in designs just by looking around the Internet. Some of the designs you can find carrara used in include:

  • Rustic Designs
  • Eclectic Style Design
  • Industrial Design Styles
  • Minimalist Styling
  • Traditional Design Styling
  • Contemporary Designs
  • Scandinavian Style Designs
  • Mid-century Modern Styles

Carrara works so well in so many design styles because many people find it desirable and visually appealing. Because Olimpo was inspired by natural carrara, it is compatible with a large number of design styles as well.

Utilizing Olimpo in a design where carrara marble would work is seamless. In fact, the following photos are of interior designs that have incorporated DEKTON® Olimpo where natural marble may have been used in times past.

As you can see from the above images, Olimpo by DEKTON® works seamlessly with interior designs just as carrara marble does. There are in fact some advantages to using Olimpo. Let's consider some of them.

DEKTON® Olimpo Advantages

One of the reasons many are making the move to use DEKTON® surfaces is because of the benefits. One of the notable benefits to using DEKTON® is that it is non-porous and does not need to be sealed. That means there is no need for stone sealers. An Olimpo slab does not require a resealing treatment every so often. It is ready to go from day one. The non-porous nature also means that Olimpo surfaces are stain resistant. Since spilled liquids do not penetrate the surfaces, it is easy to remove them. Additionally, there is no need to hover over the surface during gatherings to quickly clean up a spill. DEKTON® does not etch like natural marble does from acidic liquids.

Another benefit that draws consumers toward DEKTON® is that it is a very hard material and thus, is scratch resistant. Scratch resistance is particularly important if the surface is used as a worktop, flooring, or outdoor building facade. How scratch resistant is Olimpo? The video below shows the answer through performance testing. Let's just say that it is so durable you can cut your vegetables directly on the surface (although your cutlery may not want you to).

Olimpo has another benefit that appeals to people. Olimpo is heat resistant. DEKTON® slabs are formed using intense heat and pressure; temperatures much higher that you will have in the home. So using Olimpo surfaces in designs where there is going to be high heat need not be a cause for worry. Kitchen countertops made from Olimpo for example, can withstand pots and pans directly from the stove top without using a trivet or hot pad.

Most of the benefits derived from using DEKTON® surfaces can be realized by watching the following video highlighting the material's durability through performance testing.

DEKTON® Performance Tests

The beauty of Olimpo and its resemblance to natural carrara marble coupled with its durability and usability gives you the best of both worlds in the way of stunning, visually appealing design possibilities and the practical value of its functionality. This video is a nice demonstration of how working in the kitchen can be with DEKTON® Olimpo. It is durable and beautiful.

DEKTON® In the Kitchen

In the following video, you get to see how well DEKTON® countertop surfaces hold up under the tests associated with kitchen countertops. As you will see, they fair very well.

As we have seen, Olimpo allows interior designers, architects, and many others to incorporate the look and feel of natural marble into high quality designs while affording consumers the benefits of a fully functional work surface that can take the normal wear and tear of a busy kitchen - and then some. Choosing Olimpo for your designs truly gives you the best of both worlds.