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Dekton Trilium & Mastidek In Designs

DEKTON® Trilium ultra compact surfaces can be found in designs around the world. The characteristics of this surface lend themselves to particular design styles. In this article we will consider some features of Trilium that make it a distinct choice for some design styles that are popular. If you are a fabricator, knowing some of these basics can be helpful. If you are a designer or interior decorator, being familiar with Dekton's properties can help you choose the right material, color and size of Dekton for your design project.

Material Design Considerations

When designing a material that will be used in architectural and engineering projects, it is important to consider some of the various styles of design that are popular and build your product to accommodate these and other design styles. Cosentino has done this in its design of the DEKTON® Trilium material. This color is very distinct in appearance and yet it is versatile enough to use in more than one style of design. Let's look at a couple of designs in which Trilium makes its mark.

Rustic Style Designs

The first design style we will consider is known as rustic. This style of design offers a variety of looks. It has some very distinguishing marks and they are popular with a variety of individuals across a number of social groups. Let's briefly consider some of the features of rustic design styles. If you would like to read about this style in depth, we have a page that looks at Rustic Design Style.

To summarize the nature of rustic design style is not complicated. "Rustic Design" can relate to the following concepts:

  • Rural
  • Country
  • Rugged
  • Nature
  • Simple
  • Texture

Trilium in Rustic Designs

Even though Trilium is produced in a controlled manner, it is produced using the same process in which stone is "manufactured" in nature. Because of this, different looks can be created. The rugged look of the Dekton Trilium panels, tiles, and slabs means it is a good candidate for use in rustic design styles. The "visual texture" of the color is also a contributor to its rustic compatibility. Check out some of the rustic designs that have been implemented using DEKTON® Trilium:

As is evident from the images above, Dekton Trilium can be incorporated into a design in multiple ways. If you are a fabricator, being familiar with the installation process for DEKTON® is extremely helpful. To that end, you may want to consider perusing information for Dekton fabricators. Getting familiar with the tooling needed for Dekton and how to work with it are important if you are planning on expanding your fabrication skills to include Dekton Trilium.

On the other hand, if you are a designer, architect or interior decorator, know how you can incorporate this versatile material into your rustic designs is also beneficial. Being aware of the features of Dekton Trilium as well as the variety of thicknesses and its panel sizing can guide you to a rustic design implementation that stands your work out form the crowd. Because of this, we have incorporated some helpful information arranged by application. A couple of these use cases are:

  1. Dekton Countertops
  2. Dekton Flooring

There are other applications as well, that you may find of interest. Browsing our website may help you to discover some creative uses and practical ways to implement the use of Dekton Trilium in your designs.

Industrial Design Styling

Another design style that fits nicely with Trilium Dekton surfaces is the Industrial Style Design. This design style shares many features with the rustic design style we have already looked at. Some of the unique elements you will notice with "Industrial Design" include exposed infrastructure like:

  • Pipes
  • I-beams
  • Brick
  • Metal Wall Panels

However, it is similar in the sense that industrial design feels much like rustic in the following ways:

  • Rugged
  • Simple
  • Texture

These common elemental features are the very aspects that are captured with Dekton Trilium. We have already explained why it is important for both fabricators, architects, engineers, and designers to be familiar with the applications of Dekton, so we won't reiterate that here. Instead let's take a brief look at a what industrial design with Dekton Trilium can look like. Here are a couple of "industrial design" projects that incorporate Dekton Trilium:

As you can see from the photos, there are variations with "industrial design" just like there are with other design styles. Depending on how "unfinished", or "rugged" you want to make the end result appear, you can make use of different kinds of design elements. Yet, in both of these images, Dekton Trilium is used. And, if you have become familiar with the durability and ease of maintenance of Dekton, you already know that these countertops can hold up to virtually anything a home owner can throw at them.

In the end, choosing Dekton Trilium as a key surface in your design style, whether it is a "rustic design" or "industrial design" will still afford you much room for expression in the way of the look and feel. And not only that, there are many other Dekton colors for fabrication and design projects.

Cosentino Dekton is a material that seeks to revolutionize the fabrication and design industries. And one way the company is working tirelessly to achieve this is by producing distinct, yet versatile colors and textures like Trilium for rustic and industrial design styles.

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