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Capturing the Look Of Natural Portobello Marble With Bergen In Designs

It's true. There is just something about the look of natural marble that is elegant, appealing, and timeless. Natural marble has been used in architectural projects for thousands of years. People are drawn to its delicate looking appearance and the tinge of imperfection that lives in the veining of this beautiful material. Yet, after having it in a kitchen, many are surprised to learn that it's natural beauty can be hindered by everyday wear and tear. And while there are a significant number of people that like the natural patina. Ther are others that just wish they could keep their marble surface looking as good as it did on installation day. Using Bergen in Designs is a way to get that feeling.

Design Styles Compatible With Marble

Many design styles are compatible with marble. Because it is visually diverse, natural marble can be incorporated into virtually any design style, including:

  • Rustic
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Scandinavian
  • Industrial
  • Minimalist

While some of the design styles in the above list do not suffer from a natural patina, some of them depend on the bright and light nature of the colors used in the design. For example, the scandanavian design style depends on light colors with a lot of natural light. Enter, DEKTON®. The DEKTON® Stonika series of surfaces were inspired by some of the most desirable natural stone. One of which is portobello stone. DEKTON® Bergen was inspired by this white marble and therefore is great fit for many design styles the would work nicely with white marble. We have included a couple of photos in which Bergen is used.

Advantages of Bergen

Clearly, as we have already mentioned, one advantage of Bergen in designs is its striking resemblance to portobello stone. However, its other advantages make it a highly convenient material for use as a kitchen countertop surface.

One benefit that many enjoy with Bergen is that it is extremely resistant to heat. DEKTON® is so resistant in fact, that you can set hot pans directly on the surface without worrying about damaging it.

Another one of the pros of utilizing DEKTON® Bergen is that this material gives you the look of natural marble without the risk of being etched by an acidic liquid. That's right, the beauty of marble without the risk of etching. In fact, it doesn't even need to be sealed.

The last advantage that we will look at here is the scratch resistance of Bergen. DEKTON® is a very hard material that is so scratch resistant , that you can cut directly on the it without fear of scratching the material. You may not want to do it though since cutting directly on DEKTON® surfaces will dull cutlery. However, it can be done without scratching the material. Check out the following video showing the performance testing of DEKTON®

DEKTON® Performance Tests

The beauty of Bergen and its resemblance to natural portobello stone coupled with its durability and usability gives you the best of both worlds in the way of stunning visual appealing design possibilities and the practical value of its functionality. This video is noce demonstartion of how working in the kitchen can be with DEKTON® Bergen.

DEKTON® In the Kitchen

As we have seen, Bergen allows interior designers, architects, and many others to incorporate the look and feel of natural marble into high quality designs while affording consumers the benefits of a fully functional work surface that can take the normal wear and tear of a busy kitchen - and then some. Choosing Bergen for your designs truly gives you the best of both worlds.