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  • Contemporary Style Design

    The contemporary design style can seem to be elusive and hard to distinguish from other popular design styles. In this article we look distinguishing elements that make the contemporary design style stand out.

  • Popular Design Styles

    A brief look at some of the more popular interior design styles that are commonly used for kitchen design by decorators and a consideration of the elements used to create the designs.

  • Minimalist Style Design

    As one of the newer design styles, the minimalist approach is a style that transforms an area into a neat, clean, and orderly environment utilizing some simple design principles.

  • Eclectic Style Design

    When striving to achieve a great eclectic style interior design, it is of benefit to the one putting the design together to understand what eclectic design is and what it is not.

  • Industrial Style Design

    Industrial style designs feature some specific elements that cause it to be primitive, yet, sophisticated in its appearance. What necessary characteristics are needed for industrial style designs?

  • Midcentury Style Design

    Mid-Century Modern design style is a simple, functional, and clean looking look that has the feel of the 50s and/or 60s that uses color and textures from that era to create visual interest.

  • Rustic Style Design

    Rustic designs are styles that have some very particular characteristics. Yet they also are found in a number of variations. In this article, we look at some of the features that make the rustic style designs versatile.

  • Scandinavian Style Design

    With the Scandinavian design style so popular, it would be difficult to put together a list of interior decorating designs without including this one. This article takes a look at this popular interior design style.

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