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Products for DEKTON® Danae Installs

More and more fabrication shops are taking a closer look at adding DEKTON® ultracompact surfaces to the materials they offer. Danae from the Natural Collection is among that list. If you are interested in adding Danae to your list of supported materials, this article may be of some help. Here, we will cover some basic guidelines that will help you to incorporate DEKTON® Danae into your service list.

Danae Compatible Design Styles

The Danae sheet color is a versatile DEKTON® option. Because of its tone and hue, this sheet can be used in some popular styles of interior design. Here are some Design styles in which Danae has been used.

Danae In Contemporary Design

Contemporary design styles make use of specific colors. Some of the colors associated with the contemporary design style include:

  • Brown
  • Taupe
  • Cream
  • White

From that color list, it is easy to see that Danae can be worked into the contemporary design palette. Coupled with the fact that contemporary designs utilize tone-on-tone color combinations, the color of this DEKTON® material works very well with many cabinet colors. Here are a couple of contemporary style designs that feature the Danae surface:

From those examples, Danae is easily incorporated into the contemporary design style. Using it outdoors is easy as well. Since the material can be used in a variety of temperatures, outdoor kitchens are one area in which this surface is found. However, Contemporary designs are not the only styles this DEKTON® color can be used in.

Minimalist Designs Use Danae

The Minimalist Design Style is characterized by some very specific qualities. For starters, it is a style that conveys a clean, open, and orderly appearance. Since the Danae surface is available in a variety of thicknesses, it can be used in a range of minimalist designs.

Additionally, the minimalist style is functional. DEKTON® is a functional material that is durable and holds up very well under normal use. As a result, you will see Danae in an array of minimalist designs. Here are a couple of samples for your preview.

These examples of design styles that can feature Danae are just two of the many design styles in which Danae can be featured. But it serves to demonstrate the versatility and functionality of the DEKTON® material.

Approved tooling and product lists for working with DEKTON® Danae exist so that fabricators that are looking to work with DEKTON® material know which products are well-suited for the fabrication of this material. Approved blades, core bits, CNC bits, care products, and adhesives are available so that professionals working with Danae do not have to learn this by trial and error. Let's look at some of these products now.

Products to Care for DEKTON® Danae

One of the great features about Danae is that it is easier to care for and maintain than other kinds of stone surfaces. It is extremely hard like quartzite, granite, and quartz. However, it has some maintenance advantages over natural and engineered stone.

Since it is non-porous and contains no resin, Danae and the rest of the surfaces in the Natural Collection do not suffer in the ways that quartz and natural stone do. Because Danae has no pores, it is virtually impervious to staining that can be caused by liquids that penetrate natural stone and discolor them. Because Danae has no resin in it, chemicals do not react with it the way they do with quartz and engineered stones like it.

Cosentino has recommendations for which kinds of cleaners you might consider using to remove substances from the surface of Danae. Because there are so many cleaners that can be used on materials like DEKTON® Danae, it is good to research the detailed information about what cleaners can be used for DEKTON®. Knowing this will help you select the proper cleaner for the type of material you are trying to remove from the surface.

Approved DEKTON® Danae Tools

Durability is a prime factor to consider regarding DEKTON® Danae. This is because it is scratch resistant and heat resistant to such a degree that trivets and cutting boards are unnecessary. That's right Danae is so hard that it does not scratch when knives are used on it and it isn't scorched when hot pans are set on it right from the stove top. For a material this durable, you will need approved tooling to fabricated it.

One class of DEKTON® approved tooling is diamond blades. Both bridge saw blades and small hand tool blades have been approved by Cosentino to cut DEKTON® Danae form the Natural Collection.

Core bits are another fabrication tool that stone professionals use for working with Danae. There two types of bits here approved by DEKTON® for use on this material. The first, dry coring bits are the Dry Magic bits from Weha. And the second one, also form Weha, is the Weramic DEKTON® approved CNC Core bit.

Danae Glue Approved for DEKTON®

If you are working with Danae from the Natural Collection, you might want to consider using the best adhesive you can get for this surface. Mastidek is the high quality DEKTON® glue formulated for bonding Danae. Because it is strong enough for structural use, it can be used for indoor and outdoor kitchen countertops DEKTON®. Inside or outside, this adhesive will hold and is colorfast. The glue is also UV stable and safe for a wide temperature range.

If you are looking to save time searching for approved tools that are designed to work with Danae, You will find many of them here on dektonmastidek.com.