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Ismael Leyva Architect

48 W 37th St
New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 290-1444

Ismael Leyva Architect

Ismael Leyva Architect is listed on the DEKTON® website as a contact through which you may choose a surface. Continue reading to learn more about businesses listed on our website. Listings on our website are generally one of three types:

  • Cosentino Centers
  • DEKTON® Stores
  • Elite Stores

Some of the contacts are Cosentino centers and are the only distributor listed. Some states have many contact from which to choose. Ismael Leyva Architect is located in New York. Let's consider some basic information about DEKTON® and related info that pertains to Ismael Leyva Architect.

Architects Offer DEKTON®

Why is using an architect for a DEKTON® project something to consider? Not every project requires an architect. However, some do require the use of an architect Like Ismael Leyva Architect. Some of the things you can expect from selecting an architect for your project include the following:

  • Diverse skill set and a knowledge about various project types and sizes.
  • Draw the plans up for the project and are responsible for all aspects of completing the project.
  • The design incorporates many aspects of the structure including function, form and safety.
  • Project plan entails not just the above, but also beauty.

In addition to the above mentioned functions of an architect, there is also the fact that architects take care of the exterior design. Yes, DEKTON® is used by architects for the outside of buildings. In fact, DEKTON® is a very long lasting and outdoor friendly material for building facades. If you are seeking an architect for your project, Ismael Leyva Architect might have what you need.

Working With DEKTON®

Fabricating DEKTON® surfaces requires professionals trained and educated in how to not only handle the material but also how to fabricate it. Because of its hardness and how thin the material is, it must be handled using the appropriate techniques and equipment. Ismael Leyva Architect is one of the listed channels through which you can aquire the professionals with the proper resources to accomplish the necessary requirements. What are some of the tools needed?

We already talked about using the official cartrige glue for DEKTON®, Mastidek. However, there are other supplies and tools needed too. For example, using the right diamond blade is important for the success of the job and we have them. Whether you are looking for a DEKTON® bridge saw blade or a smaller dry cut DEKTON® blades, you can get more information in our DEKTON® blades section.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning DEKTON® surfaces is simple. Mnay cleaners that pose a risk to other materials are completely safe for use on DEKTON®. Depending on the type of stain or discoloration you are treating you can use acidic cleaners, alkaline cleaners, and even solvents can be used for removing a variety of substances that can stain the surface of DEKTON® products. For more information, check out our DEKTON® care and maintenance area of the site. Or you can contact a distributor like Ismael Leyva Architect in New York and they may be able to assist.

Thanks for your interest in Ismael Leyva Architect and in DEKTON® surfaces. There are many surface materials available, but we are confident that you will enjoy the benefits of using DEKTON® ultracompact surfaces.